Project Description

Client Objective:

A Central Library and Cultural Center

Design Solution:

The two main program elements – Library and Cultural Center – distinguish themselves in our design. They address the site differently; they interact with the user differently; they are wrapped in different materials. The library is an icon at the city scale – building as signage. Its mass hovers above the movement below – pedestrian, vehicular, rail. The display of the main stacks and reading areas invites people across from the harbor. The screen facing Bowling Green shares knowledge through film during free screenings.

Feature Highlight:

We passively use the natural weather conditions of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown. Rain water is collected for gray water use within the building and irrigation when needed at Bowling Green. The breeze off the harbor will help with natural ventilation of most of the building.


For a few years, we had fabulous interns from University College Dublin and one such Irish intern was essential to our reading of the site and project goals.

lga’s team:

Lynn Gaffney, Faela Guiden, Matthew Radune, Younglan Tsai