Project Description

Client Objective:

These clients are environmentally conscience to the core and comfortable with modern living. They asked us to create a weekend home in a community with strict oversite of an architectural review board. They wanted a primarily one-story that would grow old with them.

Design Solution:

BK House is lga’s modern interpretation of an Adirondack styled home, one of a few styles approved by this architectural review board. The sectional studies play a big part in the house’s success with natural light and defining zones within an open floor plan. Gatherings large and small fill the family spaces with activity and look outward towards natural surroundings. Individual privacy is accommodated within introverted rooms defined by more contained perimeters. Sustainability is integral throughout the house and site. Some examples are extensive natural lighting, tight envelope, natural ventilation only, large overhangs to reduce heat in summer, solar thermal for radiant heating and domestic hot water, photovoltaic solar panels for electric power, reclaimed wood siding, metal roofing, exposed concrete flooring with local bluestone aggregate, fluorescent or LED electric lights only.

Feature Highlight:

Two materials were boldly used to inform the spaces. First, the translucent polycarbonate clearstory panels catch the southern exposure and transform it into a wonderfully soft light that washes down through the spaces. Secondly, the dark reclaimed wood planks are cypress which had been used as tables in Pennsylvania mushroom barns – The wood connects the interior and exterior while forming a boundary between private zones of the house and its open common spaces.


This couple is a repeat client for lga as we earlier designed a complete gut renovation of two apartments combined in Manhattan. Based on our pre-existing relationship they felt confident enough to move to Europe for 3 years soon after BK House Schematic Design and keep involved remotely.

lga’s team:

Lynn Gaffney, Eran Birnbaum, Faela Guiden, Matthew Radune, Younglan Tsai. Contractor: Alfred Mohr Construction. Many of the photographs are by JC Paz.

More Information:

Red Cottage Inc.

Take a look at this enticing advertisement for an upstate vacation rental company, starring the BK House.