Project Description

Client Objective:

This non-profit organization focuses on the essential time spent between a parent and his/her child who is currently in foster care. The project was full of criteria that would really inform the space such as levels of security, levels of privacy as well as surveillance, and levels of playfulness for toddlers to teenagers.

Design Solution:

The project started with a pro-bono schematic design featuring movable storage and activity cabinets to create an open, varying space – and to empower the users. While the client’s maintenance concerns removed the flexible millwork from the scope, we adapted the design with a playful, undulating partition with cabinets. This piece offers different activity zones for each family to define their experience for themselves.


This project was slated to start construction in January 2009 with a negotiated contract and approved permits pending. Unfortunately the financial crisis and its impact on non-profit donors put this project on indefinite hold.

lga’s team:

Lynn Gaffney, Emily Johnson, Pascale Klaunig, Matthew Radune, Younglan Tsai